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Because bean products is contained those who abound is protein and be loved by people, especially female comrade, the food with a few fast protein is opposite much edible skin is exceedingly good, can remove hairdressing to raise colour action. A lot of people like to grind a few soya-bean milk to drink in the morning in the home, the residue from bean after making soya-bean milk that remain also can make a few food that can eat, for example a lot of people like to wear decoct of cake of make it of bean curd broken bits eat. How is cake of bean curd broken bits done delicious? Everybody understands together.

How is cake of bean curd broken bits done delicious

Practice one

Material: 100g of soya bean residue from bean after making soya-bean milk, egg 4, 15g of flour 50g, sweet chopped green onion, salt 1 teaspoon (5g) , oily 2 teaspoon (10ml)


1, the egg is in big bowl break up, join soya bean residue from bean after making soya-bean milk, flour, sweet chopped green onion next, salt mixes divide evenly becomes stiffer mushy;

2, medium baking temperature burns the oil in hot pan to come 6 into heat, with big spoon dip cake of one spoon residue from bean after making soya-bean milk is papered, become; of round cake shape with spoon back pressure

3, in small fire simmer in water after 2 minutes, break up to another to continue decoct 2 minutes, become golden look to two sides decoct, small cake is squashy can take out.

Practice 2

Material: Residue from bean after making soya-bean milk right amount, celery a paragraph small (the vegetable that likes with oneself) , egg 1, corn face a few (Jiabujia is optional) , a few of saline a few, pepper

How is cake of bean curd broken bits done delicious


1, a residue from bean after making soya-bean milk filters after soya-bean milk has been hit. Residue from bean after making soya-bean milk is very exquisite, the mouthfeel after all sorts of cate meets make it first-rate;

2, celery cuts end to reserve;

3, face of fluid of will vegetable end and residue from bean after making soya-bean milk, egg, corn mixes, add salt, pepper to flavor, mix is even;

4, have pot, enter a few oil, after oily heat, put the small cake of make it of residue from bean after making soya-bean milk into boiler, small fire slow simmer in water, two sides is golden good.

Practice 3

Material: Residue from bean after making soya-bean milk bowl of smaller part of 1 small bowl, flour, egg 2, chopped green onion, dried small shrimps is right amount, salt, white pepper, peanut oil


1, residue from bean after making soya-bean milk bowl of smaller part of one small bowl, flour, egg two, abluent dried small shrimps the bowl of right amount, smaller part of chopped green onion that has cut. Pour residue from bean after making soya-bean milk, flour, chopped green onion and dried small shrimps into the basin, infiltrate egg;

2, add right amount salt and white pepper, agitate of will all material becomes thick mushy; equably

3, after will flat bottom does not stick boiler to burn heat, brush thin a poor copy is oily, enter panada dip with ladle the circle is shown inside boiler. Small fire simmer in water condenses to panada bottom after finalizing the design, take care to search an area again, show golden scene to two sides can.

Practice 4

Material: Common flour 240g, residue from bean after making soya-bean milk 1 small bowl, brown sugar is 5g of 2 big spoon, milk powder 10g, yeasty pink, fine saccharic 16g, fine oil of saline 4g, vegetable is right amount

How is cake of bean curd broken bits done delicious


1, all material mix, knead glaze group, ferment as to warm place;

2, face colonel comes double big when, take out dough, exhaust, new knead a circle, flabby 10 minutes of;

3, chopping board scatters a few flour, become dough roll the rectangle is big;

4, plant of besmear a few is oily, scatter brown sugar of 2 big spoon, the back that use spoon spreads divide evenly;

5, along long side, from the top down coils, begin from one aspect of the matter again dish case, dish the; that become cake

6, with the hand pressing of in a way is pressed, roll becomes the cake; with thick 5mm

7, an oil is brushed in boiler, put cake, small fire simmer in water comes to be sent slightly yellow, search an area, decoct of will other one side comes small yellow, bake in a pan is ripe can.

[can pregnant woman eat ox horn melon? ] _ pregnancy _ can eat – net of people preserve one’s health

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A lot of people do not know ox horn melon is what thing, this is a kind of plant, this kind of plant has several kinds of names, call asthmatic tree again for instance, other explicit very much a rural area, people can call ox horn melon heartbroken is careless, be in the Yun Guichuan area of our country, ox horn melon this kind of plant distributings more extensive, ox horn melon has extensive officinal effect, can treat asthma for instance, so can pregnant woman wear ox horn melon?

Can pregnant woman eat ox horn melon?

Can pregnant woman eat ox horn melon?

Eatable, do not eat too much,

Ox horn melon, formal name Calotropisgigantea (L. ) Dry.exAit.f. , alias asthma tree, ovine dip tree, heartbroken is careless. Erect bush, be as high as 3 meters, poisonous. Originate in the province area such as Yunnan, Sichuan, Guangxi and Guangdong. Have very tall economy and officinal value.

Officinal value

Ox horn melon has extensive officinal value, traditional officinal plant is considered as in India, its root, bine, leaf and fruit all but officinal, have diminish inflammation, fight bacterium, expectorant wait for action with detoxify, use at the cure of the disease such as leprosy disease, asthmatic, cough, ulcer and tumour. Of ox horn melon galactic have strong heart, protect the curative effect such as liver, demulcent diminish inflammation, bark can treat falling sickness. The relevant expert that tropics of academy of sciences of Chinese intertropical agriculture made institute of content breed resource 2009 passes what go out from the extraction in ox horn melon to have compound of the action that fight cancer, your country adds melon of 2 ox horn newly to extract content to fight cancerous new patent again.

Of cauline leaf galactic and poisonous, contain a variety of strong heart glucoside, offer officinal, treat dermatosis, dysenteric, rheumatism, bronchitic; Bark can treat falling sickness.

Can pregnant woman eat ox horn melon?

Quality flavour

Weak, acerbity, smooth. Poisonous.

Function advocate treat

Make expectoration easy breathes heavily surely. Advocate treat whooping cough, bronchitic, asthmatic.

Usage dosage

Bright leaf 8 money of 5 ~ , mincing, water simmer in water is taken, or lean lean of the pig that stew is taken. To be taken orally: Decoct soup, 1-3g; Or enter powder.

Chemistry composition

The root contains strong heart glucoside yuan: Wu Sika is decided (Uscharitin) , black his glucoside yuan (Uzarigenin) , glucoside of ox horn melon (Calotropin) , glucoside of melon of different ox horn (Calactin) [1] . Still contain 3 terpene kind composition: α – sweet colophony is mellow (α – Amyrin) with β – sweet colophony is mellow (β – Amyrin) , dandelion steriod is mellow (Taraxasterol) , φ – dandelion steriod is mellow (φ – Taraxasterol) , lupin is mellow (Lupeol) and their second acerbity ester (Acetate) with 3 ′ – methylic man acerbity ester (3 ′ – Methylbutanoate) , jackfruit of 24- methylene annulus alkyl is mellow (24 – Methylenecycloartanol) .

Can pregnant woman eat ox horn melon?


Pregnant woman avoid is taken


Toxic symptom is next vomiting, have diarrhoea, can produce severe abdominal pain and enteritis to wait very.

Rescue method: Inchoate can give albumen of activated carbon, tannic acid to be taken orally, inject with dextrose fluid; Or with gram 1 2, licorice, silver spends each 5 money, water simmer in water is taken.

[the action of compound beneficial unripe bacterium] advantage of _ effect _ – net of people preserve one’s health

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Enteritis is to compare common disease at present, the effect that causes to the patient’s body is very big also, if discover or everybody was not treated in time, the harm that causes to the patient’s body is very much also, give birth to bacterium in the light of compound beneficial, main effect is OK hemostatic, can treat the inflammation ability that a few bowel again at the same time, also have very good adjustment to scald and diarrhoea the effect, specific can see these introductions below.

 Compound beneficial gives birth to the action of bacterium

Remedial gastroenteritis

Treat gastroenteritis, haemorrhoid, constipation, indigestion: Below normal circumstance semidiurnal, early morning is hollow and before sleeping each, in adding cool boiled water or clean water drinkable, grow up every time 5-10ml can, child halve, unfavorable excessive; When the adult weighs disease patient or normal volume disables use doubly. Note: Difference of each one constitution, individual person is drinkable occurrence diarrhoea, bellyacke. Reduce dosage can. This is microbial adjust intestines and stomach, need not see a doctor to be at ease please.

 Compound beneficial gives birth to the action of bacterium


In day-to-day work and life, we blow the skin that break a point create leather business via often can be being encountered. At this moment, you use wounded place ” of unripe bacterium of active beneficial of ” of a few pure health care, can aching 3-4 is met immediately after second hemostatic, the attention does not touch unboiled water, successive 2-3 second, the older sticker that use cotton washs cut, cut won’t inflammation, cicatrization quickly. This law also agrees with animal.

Treat scald

(of small area, water very hot fire is very hot all effective) : Beneficial of active of ” of pure to be being used on the local horse of scald health care gives birth to sassafras of bacterium ” besmear, a kind of cool and refreshing feeling makes hot keenly feel immediateness disappear, 2 hours one, general a day or so had felt namely. This way is very good to effect of scald of small area desquamate, scald place won’t inflammation (scald place does not contact unboiled water) . Large area scald is safe for the purpose of, go to a hospital treating immediately please.

Remedial diarrhoea

Very effective, it is almost 100 try lark. The element such as bad thing eats to cause diarrhoea in daily life, use 10-20 milliliter immediately (1-2 of mineral water cap is built) , add milliliter of 50-100 of 30 ℃ warm boiled water, take below, general 10 minutes or so got effective.

 Compound beneficial gives birth to the action of bacterium

Medical health care applies

Beneficial unripe bacterium is the floorboard of beneficial to human body, animal, nature bacterium, no matter be our human body, still be nature, contain much benefit to give birth to bacterium and pathogeny bacterium (also call pathogenic bacteria, harmful bacterium) . But the growth as the age, the addition of actuating pressure, especially after the mankind uses the antibiotic such as penicillin in great quantities, the beneficial inside body gives birth to bacterium amount to decrease, the ecological balance inside body is broken, harmful bacterium took windward and many breed, bring about suffocate suffocate of human body metabolism, can appear the unwell feeling of different level, cause an all sorts of diseases. The most outstanding performance: Have a poor appetite, alvine path is unwell, morpheus not beautiful spirit is depressed, the skin is withered and yellow, defecate not free, lumbar acerbity backache.

And complement for a long time when human body when beneficial gives birth to bacterium, beneficial unripe bacterium can be inside alvine path a large number of breed, make a fight with harmful bacterium, can restrain the growth of harmful bacterium, maintain bowel to ecological balance, biology of generation human body protects protective screen, enhance power of disease-resistant of airframe immunity force, counteractive cancer cell grows, stimulative skin is healthy, dispel disease powerful body, hairdressing health care, prolong life. Especially bacterium of lactobacillus, acetic acid, microzyme, a variety of 160 good material such as many grape acid, amino acid, vitamin, ferment produce in body internal energy, improve alvine path loop, enhance function of human body intestines and stomach. Incorporate rises significantly for Morpheus quality, improve unobstructed of defecate odour defecate, appetite increases apparently, energetic, be inspired with enthusiasm, the skin is ruddy burnish is healthy.

[rub how is the butter on card drunk] how is the _ on _ coffee drunk – net of people preserve one’s health

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Rub khaki fact is people prefers a kind of drunk coffee, the face also is more distinctive on the flavour of this kind of coffee, not be so sweet of be bored with, such word can let people feel more good drink of a few, and rub there still can be a cream above card, this butter also has comparatived to drink, butter is to belong to rub block a very classical collocation, say people is drunk so rub if getting stuck, must match on of butter.

 Rub how is the butter on card drunk

Rub card coffee (the name not is added or rub card (transliteration) , free translation is Arabia high grade coffee, english is Caf é Mocha, means chocolate coffee) it is meaning type takes iron coffee (é of Caf é Latt) varietal.

Take iron coffee with classic meaning form same, it is normally by the meaning type of 1/3 especially strong coffee (Caff è Espresso) and the grandma foam of 2/3 match, nevertheless it still can join a few chocolate.

Chocolate connects regular meeting to be added with the form of chocolate syrup, but system of certain coffee sale is met with namely pink replaces dissolve chocolate. Sometimes, the cream that made, cocoa, can add with spun sugar above the perfume that uses aggravating coffee is used with what serve as adornment. Block Bujinuo with meaning type (Cappuccino) is different, rub it is to do not have delicacy to suckle foamy above card coffee. Replace, rub a few dozens of cream that had and cinnamonic pink are normally above card coffee or cocoa among them one of. Join pink of confiture of certain herbaceous plants with big flowers likely also to serve as in the surface decorate and add special flavor.

 Rub how is the butter on card drunk

Gutty rub the mutation of card is coffee of Bai Ma card (Mocha) of White Caf é , replace milk and black chocolate with white chocolate. Besides coffee of Bai Ma card, still having a few mutation is to use syrup of two kinds of chocolate to mix, they are called sometimes ” zebra ” (Zebras) , also can be called by comical ground sometimes ” swallowtail rub card ” (Tuxedo Mocha) . The place of certain Europe and middle east is met with Makajinuo (Moccaccino) goes describing joined cocoa or the meaning type of chocolate takes iron coffee. In the United States Makajinuo points to the meaning type that added chocolate namely Kabujinuo.

 Rub how is the butter on card drunk

Rub the small town of seaside of the Red Sea that blocks the name traceable of coffee to be located in Yemen rub card. This place is when 15 centuries forestall the export trade of coffee, particularly big to selling the coffee commerce toward Arabia peninsula area to affect. Rub card also is a kind ” chocolate color ” coffee beans (come from Yemen rub card) , this let a person arise to be in of coffee interfuse chocolate associate, and develop a chocolate condense coffee drink.

Be in Europe, “Rub card coffee ” may point to this kind of beverage already, point to possibly also merely with rub the coffee that bubble of card coffee beans comes out.

[stew cabbage patch practice encyclopedia the daily life of a family] practice of the daily life of a family of _ of the _ method that make – net of people preserve one’s health

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A lot of people are preferred eat cabbage patch, because taste cabbage patch nutrient value ratio is higher, and special health, and so its price is compared costly, the practice is varied also, so he gets all the time everybody’s welcome, it is us dish of a commonner the daily life of a family in the family, what can adopt cold and dressed with sause directly is return to have a way when eat, what homely way to have cabbage patch so?

 Stew cabbage patch practice encyclopedia the daily life of a family

Use cabbage patch doing Shang Ye is very good those who drink, recommend a way to everybody today very simple cabbage patch soup, be very good drunk delicate element boiling water.

Raw material: Cabbage patch 200 grams, essence of green Chinese onion, ginger, Chinese prickly ash, salt, balm, chicken, plant is oily each are right amount.

Preparation: Cut into shreds cabbage patch or rip flake with the hand. Green is mincing flower, ginger cuts end.

 Stew cabbage patch practice encyclopedia the daily life of a family

[Delicate element soup] cabbage patch soup practice

Practice and measure:

1, vegetable oil is burned in boiler, bomb of bit of Chinese prickly ash is put after oily heat sweet, fish out is refuse need not. Put chopped green onion, Jiang Mo then scamper is sweet, put again break up cabbage patch fry even.

2, add right amount clear water, essence of salt, chicken is put to flavor after be being burned, after involving fire, drench bit of balm is OK.

 Stew cabbage patch practice encyclopedia the daily life of a family

This kind cabbage patch the way of soup is most simple, but drink rise delicate and delicious, taste is good still, everybody still can add those who nod and so on of dried, bean curd, vermicelli made from bean starch to distribute food.

[chelonian Ling creams reduce internal heat] action of _ advantage _ – net of people preserve one’s health

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Summer is the season of particularly easy get angry, a lot of people are so chronic a few Chinese herbal medicine that can use choose to fall in summer fire, above all the commonnest is to use chelonian Ling to cream reduce internal heat, chelonian Ling creams the effect of reduce internal heat still is very pretty good, above all chelonian Ling creams in sweet what contain little slightly is agonized, on a few honey can be put inside this or brown sugar, such meeting chelonian Ling cream the flavour that is full of syrup, also avoided agonized mouthfeel naturally.

Chelonian Ling creams reduce internal heat

Chelonian Ling creams darkly color, microstrip is transparent. It originates in Guangxi Wu city the earliest, it is with accipitral mouth chelonian and earthy tuckahoe are main raw material, rejoin licorice, red jujube, Sang Xie, honeysuckle, honey, chrysanthemum, pass the health food that boil refine for long and becomes.

The material that chelonian Ling creams takes from: Accipitral mouth chelonian is rare Chinese traditional medicine, but tuckahoe of earth of clear hot alexipharmic; can go wet. Divide these two kinds advocate outside medicine, deserve to be strengthened with the medical effect such as virgin soil, dandelion, honeysuckle again. Chelonian Ling creams detoxify of heat having Qing Dynasty, draw out pus by applying a plaster to the affected part gives birth to filling kidney of flesh, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, health care to raise Yan Gong effect. Its moral character is gentle, not cool not dry, the men and women is old young all appropriate. Chelonian Ling creams filling kidney of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, moisten the respiratory tract protects skin, eliminate dark sore, recuperation internal organs of the body, clear hot detoxify, prevent skin to pledge ageing reachs constipation, can promote metabolism,

Chelonian Ling creams reduce internal heat

The research that chelonian Ling creams points out; tortoise plastron contains all sorts of amino acid in the report, among them body of 7 kinds of humanness cannot be abstained but must amino acid, these indispensible and amino acid hold total amino acerbity percentage quite tall, about 20% . Special the whelk of dry to the skin, ageing and youngster (acne) , pharynx of dry of a variety of oral cavity ulcer, mouth is much dream of dry, insomnia, chronic constipation, urgent, chronic urology infection, if pee is white inflammation of system of reproduction of aching and limp of genu of chaotic, waist, female, if leucorrhoea of pelvic infection, vaginitis, bare falls, sore of skin itching, furuncle is red etc have particularly marked improvement action.

Chelonian Ling creams reduce internal heat

Chelonian Ling creams heat having Qing Dynasty discharges poisonous action, slant Yu Han is cool, general stomach is cold eat less still with taste weakling had better. Some reporting the effect that tortoise plastron has excited uterus and stimulative blood circulation, reason pregnant woman and menses female are unfavorable also eat more. For all that, but chelonian Ling creams the effect that has relieve inflammation or fever really.

[beer can add fertilizer] _ gains flesh _ action – net of people preserve one’s health

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Although many people struggle,was in reduce weight on this road, but as a result of constitutional reason, there still is one part person on the world is how to eat to grow without giving thought to not fat. The person meets this part look for the method that adds fertilizer in Duan Xin of a few appropriate time, because too too interference, let a person easily look hidebound. Beer is the wine product that use wheat and water brew come out, the person of classics tipple beer can produce beer belly, can accordingly beer have the effect that add fertilizer?

 Can beer add fertilizer

1, drink beer to be able to add fertilizer

Drinking beer can add fertilizer, although be not carried,supply quantity of heat because of alcohol, but it produces heat however, the yield of alcohol calorific value is 7kcal/g. In the meantime, alcohol produces heat and not be inside body save up, can send out from inside the body quickly go out, this is the reason that why gives out heat all over after drink. Come loose in this in hot process, restrained 3 produce greatly can the quantity of heat of nutriment, drink beer for a long time in great quantities, brought about fat, beer belly was drunk so come out.

2, beer should how healthy and drinkable

2.1, intake of a day of alcohol should not exceed general and grown man 25 grams, according to alcohol ° % will calculate, everyday beer drink dosage should not exceed 800 milliliter, should control namely for two small listen or a bottle.

2.2, cruelly oppress of duck of tie-in barbecue, chicken does not want to wait as far as possible when drinking beer, choose delicate vegetable more, reduce staple food to measure appropriately even. And tall lipemia and gouty patient had better not be drunk.

2.3, proper drinkable beer, can help us maintain gymnastical system, but we must abide by problem of its healthy diet principle, if say a lot of food do not suit to drink beer to match, and drink beer too much to let beer belly really easily appear, drink beer because of what this hopes everybody can accomplish health.

 Can beer add fertilizer

3, the contraindication of drinkable beer

3.1, should not be after water beer take drug

Beer contains the alcohol of certain amount, can produce effect with a variety of 100 commonly used medicaments, some adds medical effect, some reduces medical effect, some has adverse effect. Carry out a proof, after drinkable beer, unfavorable take antibiotic, step-down instantly composed medicine, anti-coagulants, fall candy medicine.

3.2, beer liquor is unfavorable with drink

After some people habit drinks beer drink liquor, this will stimulate system of intestines and stomach strongly, cause digestive function easily disorder. Additional, beer liquor can accelerate alcohol to enter blood with drink, appear easily drunk wine.

 Can beer add fertilizer

3.3, water beer is unfavorable eat barbecue more

Food is in barbecue process, itself is called one kind with respect to meeting generation ” heterocyclic amine compound ” the composition that cause cancer, alcohol can make enteron blood-vessel outspread, the mucus albumen of surface of deliquescent enteron mucous membrane, make carcinogen is absorbed extremely easily by the body, and seafood, pluck and major flesh kind it is tall purine food, can make the nucleic acid in beer decomposes the acid that it is make water finally, after exceeding certain solubility when the uric acid in blood, can be in articulatory antrum deposit, cause a series of symptoms such as gall of partial key links thereby.

[how is hoof of the pig of made of baked clay canister that stew done? ] how does _ do _ – net of people preserve one’s health

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Between daily life, having way of a few alimental is more special, still need the stage property with other have the aid of to finish even, for instance arenaceous boiler is waited a moment. If did not have arenaceous boiler,this is planted tool, basically can lose authentic taste. Made of baked clay canister also is one kind can make delicate alimental tool, the hoof of pig of made of baked clay canister that the people in living daily for instance likes very much. So, what is the practice that covers with tiles coal tub stews pig hoof?

How to cover with tiles hoof of the coal tub pig that stew is done?

Preparative pig hoof 500 grams, prepare soya bean 120 grams, prepare right amount salt additionally, makings, wine and water. Soya bean should shift to an earlier date bubble delivers a hour, manage the Mao Douqing above pig hoof, next cold water is put into boiler, put one spoon cooking wine and two ginger, big baked wheaten cake leaves, purify blood water and peculiar smell, come to fish out of pig hoof place next, rinse with Wenshui.

How to cover with tiles hoof of the coal tub pig that stew is done?

Prepare made of baked clay canister, pig hoof is put inside made of baked clay canister piece, put already the soya bean with good bubble, join cooking wine next, join Jiang Pian, one-time the clear water that puts full amount, boil with conflagration next, reoccupy small fire stews half hours to arrive two hours.

Stew good pig hoof, put right amount salt to flavor again, hoof of pig of so made of baked clay canister has been done. The canister that use watt will do pig hoof, the delicacy that can maintain pig hoof is sweet, of made of baked clay canister connect it is exceedingly good to appear a gender, suit to do boiling water especially.

How to cover with tiles hoof of the coal tub pig that stew is done?

Above knew the way of hoof of pig of made of baked clay canister simply, the pig hoof nutrition that has done is exceedingly good, collagen protein is contained inside pig hoof, first-rate hairdressing is raised colour action, many calcium is contained to pledge with iron character inside pig hoof additionally, have very good the effect of filling calcium and filling gas blood, especially to the puerpera, eat hoof of a few pigs appropriately, still have the very good effect that urges the grandma below breast. When doing pig hoof, if pig wool is bad to clear, can use baked wheaten cake, the comparison that can clear so is clean.